SAM GODOFBON HAS A NICE ASS i wish i was a bear




my face look like this emoji 🌞 don’t lie

srirachahot replied to your post: i love how androids were so big and ug…

nah dude i still want the smaller of the iphone 6

please love yourself amanda you deserve better get an android 

its just cute when my friends are telling me about all these new amazing iphone features that ive had on my busted up 2 year old samsung and it didnt cost 900 dollars 

i love how androids were so big and ugly but now the iphone 6+ is so amazing and revolutionary 


Charlo Greene is so real

I just wish it had lasted longer. You treated me like a real person. It was nice.”

Neverending list of favorite videogame characters:

// Alisa Bosconovitch - Tekken